Skylla Group is a Real Estate consultancy specialising in maximising residential
development price and sales velocity.

Skylla Group is a London-based, international network of sales, marketing and development specialists focusing exclusively on the high-end luxury property market. We help developers and luxury brands refine and promote their most distinguished residential projects around the needs and desires of today’s globally affluent elite. In luxury real estate, geographic boundaries are now largely a thing of the past. Ultra high net worth individuals are citizens of the world, not just a country. This is why Skylla Group cultivates a network of independent and high-performing real estate experts stretching across the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Australia. It means that wherever your development is in the world, Skylla Group can provide the deep insights and international skillsets that are needed to maximise value and velocity in the sales process.

Skylla Group offers strategic, sales-maximising services across five key areas – each tailored to the needs and commercial potential of the development

Business Re-Engineering and Strategic Sales Planning– Strategic management support to help you build or restructure your sales organisation.

Pre Development Planning and Review– End to end strategic planning services aimed at increasing the value of the development.

Global Sales Distribution Network– Exactly the right team of real estate agents, motivated to achieve maximum sales.

Marketing and Customer Acquisition Programmes– Strategies and recommendations to make sure the development is coveted by the right people.

Sales and Marketing Management– “White Glove” implementation of the sales and marketing strategy – including data driven sales management.

Skylla Group’s consulting expertise stretches across the Americas, Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Skylla Group’s insight forges the path forward to maximise product impact on the target audience universe. The correct marketing mix increases product price and drives sales momentum.

“Marguerite’s experience of working across a multitude of global brand names enables her to quickly grasp a thorough understanding of the situation and provide relevant and successful sales and marketing solutions.”
Neil Palmer, CEO, Christies International Real Estate

As a boutique independent firm, Skylla Group has no commitments to large affiliated or franchised real estate brokerage operations, we are free to simply select only the known star producers. We ensure that the following requirements are met: referral fee structure accurately assigned, the correct level of agent marketing support is in place, ensure that the appropriate languages are catered for selection of an agent distribution network to deliver qualified leads and closed sales, the agent network has the correct level of goal setting and milestones in place, teams are working together cohesively, cooperatively and effectively. It is our strong belief that there are no geographical boundaries anymore in real estate, that UHNWIs are citizens of the world, not just a country. They may be born on one continent, educated on another and work across several global hubs. We aim to create a global web of pre-approved, vetted and checked international agents who are individuals known to perform with the highest degree of skill, ethics and experience.