Strategic Sales Planning

We provide strategic management support for property companies that want to build or re-structure their development and sales organisations. Our experience creating and managing global real estate businesses means we can suggest changes that will quickly and persuasively impact results. We also implement the plans we create.

What we can do:

– Document the sales strategy (milestones and budget planning)

– Create an end-to-end sales management process

– Determine appropriate pay-out curves for each sales lead generator

– Establish international estate agent platform and hire the sales team

– Ensure service excellence from all sales teams

Development Planning

We can support every step in the planning process – from site selection and pre-development planning through to entitlement mapping, master, amenities and typologies planning while carving out a realistic business model, pinning down revenue projections and spotting high-value brand opportunities to attract buyers. We can also present the finished development plans to the client for sign-off.

What we can do:

– Define the development’s mission, vision and values

– Analyse strengths and weaknesses compared to competitor

– Manage design and development of all typologies: residences, hotel and amenities

– Understand potential threats and emerging opportunities

– Identify target customers’ current and future priorities

– Develop a business model that’s a differentiator

– Capture key info in a Project Bible and fact sheet

Global Sales Network

We can advise on the recruitment of your sales team – both customer facing and network distribution. Or we can “white glove” this service on your behalf. Our international network of luxury brokers includes only the best.

What we can do:

– Determine the best commission structure for the development

– Provide agents with the right level of marketing support

– Identify agents who are fluent in all the right languages

– Select agents with the right credentials for the project

– Set goals and establish milestones that support the sales process

– Make sure teams work together cohesively and effectively

Marketing and Customer Acquisition Programmes

Projects that achieve maximum value are projects that are marketing-driven from the start. Skylla Group will take a close look at the customer offer and competitive position then pull together recommendations to ensure the development will be coveted – and talked about – among target audiences throughout every step of the sales process.

What we can do:

– Facilitate decision-making sessions with a keynote presentation

– Challenge implicit and widely held beliefs about the business

– Crystallise findings into a ‘to market’ strategy for the business

– Develop a 3-year sales and marketing strategy and budget