PRE-DEVELOPMENT (Due diligence and research)

We support every step in the planning process- from site selection and pre-development/master planning while carving out a realistic business model through pinning down revenue projections and spotting high-value brand opportunities to attract buyers. We can also present the finished development plans to the client for sign-off.

What we can do:

– Market assessment of development concept and product fit within supply and demand market conditions (demographic, psychographic and real estate market research)

– Define the development’s mission, vision and values

– Prepare competing project audit and comparative market analysis

– Define the profiles and priorities of target buyer groups

– Economic overview of market conditions per geographic location and product type

– Identify target customers’ current and future priorities

– Programming and project review of unit/product mix (typologies)

– Review of site plans, development plans, architectural design and interior layouts

– Amenities and on-site facilities review and recommendations

– HOA recommendations including budgeting input

– Operational and partnership management strategies


Projects that achieve maximum value are projects that are brand marketing-driven from the start. Skylla Group will take a close look at the customer offering and competitive position, and then pull together recommendations to ensure the development will be coveted, talked about-and sold out-among target audiences throughout every step of the sales process.

What we can do:

– Develop a 3-year sales and marketing strategy and budget

– Lead, budget, manage and recommend third party marketing hires and processes such as:

a) Creative Agencies: spearhead branding, identity and positioning of a development within a market place

b) Floor plans execution: translate architectural drawings and interior layouts into buyers’ friendly medium

c) 3D renderings studios: ensure pre development vision is communicated to buyers, and product stands above the competition (exterior, interior, axonometric and isometric when needed) by creating an emotional connection between the buyers’ lifestyle and the product (bricks and mortar)

d) Video/Film: lead and manage creative processes of development’s story showcasing vision, site, product and lifestyle to buyers

e) Digital strategy and Website: optimize content to engage domestic and global audiences  focusing on sales conversions while ensure design is engaging and buyer friendly

f) Media buying: ensure that the development is being advertised to the right audiences across all digital channels, and print if needed

h) Public Relations: create and execute strategy in conjunction with the overall sales & marketing plan including building sponsorship relationships and alliances for brokers/buyers events

i) Sales office design: recommend and work with interior and digital designers to ensure on-site sales experience is true to the development

– Reporting: manage the lead generation and review hypotheses vs real sales traffic


Skylla manages every stage of the sales operation ensuring maximum velocity of the product.

What we can do:

– Develop a sales strategy including milestones and budget planning

– Review and advise on documentation used in the sales process:

a) Reservations

b) Contracts (commission structures)

c) Contingency planning in the event of market disruptions

– Pricing

– Establish local and international agent platforms 

– On/Off site sales team hiring 

– Determine appropriate pay-out curves for each sales lead generator

– Determine the need for brand alliances and launch events in each broker network

– Ghost buying of competitor products

– Reporting


We can advise on the recruitment of your sales team-both; customer facing and network distribution. Or we can curate this service on the client’s behalf. Our international network of luxury brokers includes only the best of the best with track records to match.

What we can do:

– Identify and select real estate agents with the right credentials for the project based on the market geographies

– Agent training

– Provide agents with a suite of white labeled sales and marketing materials

– Implementation of standards for qualifying leads and reporting

– Create an online platform with central information on pricing, availability easily accessible to agents

– Operate a profit and loss account for each agent- to show profitability of the relationships

– Implementation of standards for qualifying leads and reporting